Staff Directory

2014-2015 Staff Leader Directory

At any time a parent or guardian can check the certification or professional qualifications of any of our instructional staff or support personnel. Please contact the CES administration if you would like this information.

7222008_95522_0Administrative Team7222008_95522_0

Name Position Website Email
Dr. Paul Goricki Principal
Jodi Nason Assistant Principal
Laverne Walker Assistant Principal
Wendy Dailey Behavior Specialist
Bailey Benoit Guidance Counselor Website
Rita Blanco Secretary/Bookkeeper
Lisa Cogar Data Entry
Joan Turlington Food Service Manager Website
Ralph Waldrop Maintenance Coordinator
Debbie Damon Extended Day Coordinator
Roxane Smith School Nurse Website
  Volunteer Coordinator    


Pre-K and Headstart7222008_95523_24

Name Email
Mary Ann Holanchock, Supervisor, Headstart
Jean Malvarez, Headstart
Marilyn Newell, Headstart
Debbie Hill, Headstart
Lori Smith, Pre-K
Sheila Cribbs, Pre-K
Deborah Doering, Pre-K
Anne Fell, Pre-K


Kindergarten 7222008_95523_2

Name Email
Christina Giuliani
Nicole Angelo
Cathy Werner
Amanda Wolfe
Bethany Hilbert
Kayla Noftell
Fiorella Verastegui
Donna Munafo


1st Grade 7222008_95523_4

Name Email
Sherry Bohl
Sarah Breslin
Diane Lloyd
Dee Fortus
Monica Wallpher
Kelly Thigpen
Jacqueline Zahralban


2nd Grade 7222008_95523_6

Name Email
Scott Miller
Kaneika Hampton
Elizabeth Seltzer
Spencer Matthiesen
Erin Arnold
Bethany Hilbert
Chelsey Thompson


3rd Grade 7222008_95523_8

Name Email
Jamie Cacchio
Stephanie Keating
Kelly Matthiesen
Missie Simcoe
Ewa Kolk
Courtney Fenner
Racheal Preysz


4th Grade 06CDC526-0118C716

Name Email
Nicole Evans
Amber Veniard
Kristina Acosta
Renee Hobbs


5th Grade 06CDC526-0118C716_002

Name Email
Brent Cofield
Jennifer Locke
Rick Whitaker
Tiffany Lo


Special Areas 7222008_95523_16 7222008_95523_177222008_95523_15

Name Email
Celese Brown, PE
Christina Lemley, Art
Mary Linekin, Media
Renata Russell, Music
Rebecca Varner, Science


Exceptional Education 7222008_95523_18

Name Email
Robyn Rice
Linda Noftell
Rick Greenough
Teri Evans (Sch. Psychologist)
Paula Whitlock (PT)
Kimberly McKinney (OT)
Elizabeth Goedelman (DHH)  
Maria Venn (SLP)


Title I and Instructional Coach

Name Email
Joanne Marziani
Julie Shatto, Literacy Coach
 Karen White, Math Coach


Paraprofessionals 7222008_95523_22

Name Email
Cassandra Branaum
Raquel Brown
Maureen Thomas
Vicki Dickerson
Mari Stopa  
Nicole Jones