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“Instilling values, Inspiring life-long leaders.”

Our vision at John A. Crookshank Elementary is to showcase every student as an independent thinker, high achiever, and confident leader.

(Wildly Important Goals)
This year at Crookshank we have four major areas that we would like to focus on as a school!
1. Reading : All students will meet or exceed grade level benchmarks as measured by STAR / Early Literacy for each quarter.
2. Math: All Students meet or exceed grade level benchmarks as measured by quarterly STAR Math
3. Leadership: All students, classrooms and Parents will exhibit leadership through quarterly (5) data tracking, Success Meetings and community projects.
4. Parent Involvement: All parents/ guardians / teachers will enroll in PTA by October 24th All parents will attend their child’s quarterly data chat. All parents will not earn more than 2 unexcused TD per quarter All parents will not earn more than 2 unexcused absences per quarter.


Parents and Guardians, Please be aware in the policy change for access on school campus! If you want any access on campus during and after school hours you must fill out a School Access Form! This includes school lunches, classroom visits, dropping of students to classroom teacher, field trips, assemblies, etc! You can access the online form by clicking HERE! If you have any questions please call or e-mail Elaine Carson in the front office!

(October 26th-30th)

Monday the 26th — Kids can donate $1 to WEAR A HAT
Tuesday the 27th — Kids can donate $1 to WEAR THEIR PAJAMAS
Wednesday the 28th — Kids can donate $1 to DRESS TACKY (Shirt on backwards, etc.)
Thursday the 29th — Kids can donate $1 to BRING A STUFFED ANIMAL TO SCHOOL

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