Guidance Department

Crookshank guidance is proactive in ensuring a positive school atmosphere. Guidance’s goal is to arm our students with the tools that will help them increase self-esteem, develop healthy relationships, and enhance academic learning. It is our hope that students build knowledge and character, so that they may reach personal success here at Crookshank and beyond.

Some of the ways that guidance is helping students soar is through individual consultations, Second Step lessons, and the “Super Kid Klub.” Additionally, guidance collaborates with various community agencies, such as Big Brother Big Sister, Epic Community Services, Full-Service Schools, the Lion’s Club, and St. Johns Mental Health.

In regard to Second Step, Crookshank Elementary School is participating in a violence prevention curriculum developed by the Committee for Children. This program, Second Step , is offered to grades K through 5th. Second Step teaches children social-emotive skills that will help children understand and manage their feelings, how to develop healthy relationships with others, and how to problem solve.

Second Step is divided into three units: Empathy, Impulse Control and Problem Solving, and Anger Management. The teacher and/or guidance counselor teaches the lessons with photographs and videos of children in everyday situations and by modeling the concept. Then students are given the opportunity to practice the skills that they are learning through role-plays. Students are encouraged to practice the learned skills throughout the day.

If you have any questions about the services offered through Guidance, please contact Bailey Benoit at 547-7839.

Families as Partners in Education

Family involvement as a predictor of student achievement has become more important than ever before. FDLRS Parent Services assists districts in developing effective partnerships between families and professionals to support student achievement for children and youth who are exceptional and/or have special or unique needs. In collaboration with district Parent Liaisons, Parent Services provides the following:

  • Helps school districts develop family-friendly programs and services.
  • Ensures family access to exceptional student training and information.
  • Promotes family/educator trainings to support student achievement.
  • Provides information to families and professionals about local resources and family support groups.

Following is the contact information for the Parent Liaison in our county:

Linda Bruce

(904) 547-7583

If you have questions, suggestions or ideas about how to enhance parent involvement or improve FDLRS services to families, contact the Parent Liaison in your district or call Joanne Gore, FDLRS Parent Services Coordinator, at (800) 227-6036 or (386) 329-3811.