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Welcome to the Art Lab!
Get ready for a COLORFUL year!

Hello! I am Ms. Simpson and I am excited to be joining the Crookshank Elementary team as your new Art Teacher for the 2019-20 School Year!

This year, we will draw, paint, collage, and sculpt our way through our Florida State Standards! Each grade level will complete a portfolio of artwork over the course of the school year in a variety of media as they learn about the Elements/Principles of Art, craftsmanship, presentation and critique, procedures/techniques, and much more!

In the Art Lab, we’ll also read and discuss various books that tie into our lessons, we will incorporate grade-appropriate math and writing into some of our activities, learn about famous artists and art around-the-world, and we’ll be incorporating some science concepts into our fun year of Art as well!

I am very excited to work with your Amazing Artists this year!
Our first lessons are in full-swing and we’re already having a fun, colorful time in the Art Lab!

Feel free to contact me any time at [email protected]