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2022-2023 Staff Leader Directory

At any time a parent or guardian can check the certification or professional qualifications of any of our instructional staff or support personnel. Please contact the CES administration if you would like this information.

7222008_95522_0Administrative Team7222008_95522_0

Name Position  Voicemail Website
Mr. Patrick Roach Principal 17837
Mrs. Kling Assistant Principal 17841
Mrs. Thomas Assistant Principal 17830
Mrs. Acs Behavior Specialist 17839
Mrs. Benoit Guidance Counselor 17852 Website
Mrs. Angelus Secretary/Bookkeeper 17837
Mrs. Cogar Data Entry/Student Registration 17846
Mrs. Boyer Food Service Manager 17851
Mr. Noftell Maintenance Coordinator 17836
Mrs. Weary Extended Day Coordinator 17843
Mrs. Smith School Nurse 17832 Website
Mrs. Dela Cruz LEA Clerk 81047
Mrs. Evans Volunteer Coordinator/Front Desk 17842
Mrs. Rosa Guidance Clerk 17846
Ms. McLendon TSS 17831


Pre-K and Headstart  7222008_95523_24

Name Voicemail
Mr. Ahr 81032
Mrs. Allen – Team Leader  81728
Ms. Moore 81051
Ms. Mason
Ms. Law
Ms. Heffernan


Kindergarten 7222008_95523_2

Name Voicemail
Ms. White 81040
Ms. Belardo
Mrs. McQuaig – Team Leader 81033
Ms. Dingler 80840
Mrs. Moore 80310


1st Grade 7222008_95523_4

Name Voicemail
Mrs. Ahr 81036
Mrs. Boutin 80948
Mrs. Fortus 81017
Ms. Harmon 80286
Mrs. Richardson- Team Leader 80989


2nd Grade 7222008_95523_6

Name Voicemail
Mrs. Kamm 80978
Mrs. Baker 80378
Mrs. Zytowski- Team Leader 80992
Ms. Simcoe 81000
Ms. Windley 80211


3rd Grade 7222008_95523_8

Name Voicemail
Ms. Coriell 81741
Ms. Keating- Team Leader 82472
Mr. Bikowski 80434
Mrs. Matthiesen 82502
Ms. Simpson 81019
Mrs. McVay 81056


4th Grade 06CDC526-0118C716

Name Voicemail
Ms. Gallagher 80158
Mrs. Allen 81028
Ms. Kennelly- Team Leader 80246
Ms. Smolek 81989
Mrs. Zaletel 80333


5th Grade 06CDC526-0118C716_002

Name Voicemail
Mrs. Jardine 81010
Mrs. Miller 81014
Ms. Houck 80280
Ms. Fernandez 81006
Ms. Anderson- Team Leader 81015


Special Areas 7222008_95523_16 7222008_95523_177222008_95523_15

Name Website Voicemail
Ms. Jones, PE – Team Leader 81003
 Ms. Boyd- Media 17847
Mr. Moten, Music Website 80110
Ms. Branam, Art Website 80534
Mr. Whitaker, Science 80990
Mr. Kennedy, STEM 82475


Exceptional Education 7222008_95523_18

Name Voicemail
Ms. Rice – Team Leader 81044
Mrs. L. Noftell 81018
Mrs. Amy Benoit 82312
Mrs. Simpkins 81037
TBA (gifted itinerant) 18840
Mr. Greenough 81027
Mrs. Martin 17833
Ms. Whitlock (PT)
Ms. Veteto (OT)
Ms. Carberry (DHH)
Mrs. Goswami (SLP) 80981
Ms. Fiorentino (SLT)
Mrs. Goswami (SLP) 80981
Ms. Fiddes
Mrs. Conrad 82505
Ms. Carlo


Literacy Team 7222008_95523_17

Name Voicemail
Ms. Orta – Instructional Literacy Coach 80226
Mrs. Johnson- Instructional Literacy Coach 80226
Ms. LaHatte – Reading Interventionist 81705


Paraprofessionals 7222008_95523_22

Ms. Blaise
Mrs. Branaum
Ms. Brown
Ms. Everett
Mrs. Fell
Ms. Ferrell
Mrs. Fields
Ms. Grant
Mrs.  Haramia
Mrs. Hueg
Ms. Jersey
Ms. Locke
Ms. Newell
Ms. Renfrow
Ms. Sanders
Ms. Seetaram
Mrs. Shilkunas
Mrs. Sykes
Ms. Thane