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Welcome to John A. Crookshank Elementary
School Nurse’s Page


The nurse is able to administer medication during school hours, however; CES doesn’t stock medicine in the clinic. Any medication that needs to be administered during the school day must be arraigned with the nurse ahead of time. You will need to bring in a SJCSD Medication Authorization form  signed by both the parent and the doctor. The medication has to be in the original packaging and the clinic will verify content, dosage, etc. You may also bring in ANY “over the counter” medication, but it must be in the original container and accompanied by a SJCSD Medication Authorization form signed by both parent and the doctor. Over the counter medications include, but are not limited to: Chapstick, sunscreen, cough drops, antacids, Caradryl, Tylenol, Benadryl, Motrin, etc.  Medication forms must be submitted every school year and/or if any changes are made to the type of medication and dosage.

Certain health conditions may also require a medical plan. The most common are listed below:


Seizure MMP

Cardiac MMP

Asthma MMP


Bleeding Disorders MMP

If your child has a medical condition not listed above, please contact Roxane Smith to see if a medical plan is necessary.

Please contact Nurse Roxane at 904-547-7832 for any questions or concerns.

For more information related to St Johns County School District school health services, please see the following link:

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