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Tips for Reading with your Child at Home


Tips for Helping your Child to Read at Home:

1-Remember that when parents value reading and writing, their children will view them as important as well.

2-Provide your children with lots of encouragement, praise, and support as they learn and practice.

3-Begin reading stories aloud to your child even when they are very young. Continue reading aloud even when your children get older.

4-Take your child to the public library and let him choose his own books to read or have read to him.

5-Make a special place in your home for your child’s books and magazines. Also designate a space for quiet reading and homework activities. Set aside 20-30 minutes each day to do school work or to read with your child. Make it a fun time for each of you!

6-Encourage your child to help you in the kitchen. You and your child can read the recipe as he adds the ingredients.

7-In the car, have a few books handy for your child to read. Also play word games. Say and spell a word like car, c-a-r, then ask your child to think of a rhyming word. Can he spell that?

8-Visit school often and get ideas from your child’s classroom teacher on how to help him at home.