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Earth/ Space Science:

Standard Description Links
 E. 5. 1- Stars Students will be able to observe that the patterns of stars in the sky stay the same although they appear to shift across the sky nightly, and different stars can be seen in different seasons.  Videos:
– Brain Pop: Constellations

– Brain Pop: The Sun

– Study Jams: The Universe

– BrainPop: The Solar System

– What are Constellations

E. 5. 2- Moon Students will be able to describe the changes in the observable shape of the moon over the course of about a month. Videos:
– Brain Pop: The Moon

– Brain Pop: Moon Phases

– Study Jams: The Moon

– Moon Phases Animation

– Lunar Cycle Challenge

E. 5. 3/4 Day, night, seasons

Students will be able to recognize that Earth revolves around the Sun in a year and rotates on its axis in a 24-hour day.

Students will be able to relate that the rotation of Earth (day and night) and apparent movements of the Sun, Moon, and stars are connected.

– BrainPop: Seasons

– Earth rotation/revolution animation

– Study Jams: Day and Night

– Why do we have seasons?

– Study Jams: Seasons

– Earth rotation and revolution practice